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I have been playing in vernal pools since I can't remember when, and have had the great fortune of being able to share my love of these engaging habitats for many years.

I am the Vice-President of the Vernal Pool Association, and contribute to that website at I have a few resources here to show some of the work I do. 

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I love leading walks in the early spring to introduce people to the wildlife and ecology of vernal pools!

2017 Wicked Neat: The Natural History of Vernal Pools

I was invited to speak about vernal pools at the 2017 Long Island Natural History Conference, and had a great time sharing my passion for these ephemeral wetlands. This is a general natural history overview of why vernal pools are so neat.

2019 Lunch & Learn Webinar

In April 2019, I gave a Webinar for the Mass Association of Conservation Commission's Lunch & Learn Series. I presented an overview of vernal pool ecology and protection in Massachusetts. We didn't wade deep into the pool on this one, but it's a good 10,000-foot review. Hover over the icon in the upper left corner of each page to read the annotations.

2019 MACC Annual Environmental Conference

I have been co-presenting a workshop on vernal pools every year for the last 20-plus years at the MACC Annual Environmental Conference. I get more into the weeds on the regulatory protection of vernal pools in the state of Massachusetts in this presentation. 

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